After a short hiatus, I am back writing my blog.

Last year had been pretty exciting in Middle East working for an airline major as a SharePoint Architect. It was great experience in a new geography. I got to learn new culture and had amazing culinary experiences not to mention the exciting work culture

This year, I have been deputed in Kunshan, a small but developed town in China as an Enterprise Architect for Unified Communication & Collaboration. Another change, another challenge. Language barrier, cultural differences and new restrictions

On my work front, I had few challenging assignments that sharpened my skills on architecting complex systems on Office 365 and Azure. And to add to these challenges, Microsoft is moving faster than ever on their release cycles and new feature sets. IT Leaders are hungry for innovation and keeping themselves unto date with business needs. Sponsors are busy pinching pennies and looking for more for less

I will continue sharing my experiences on this blog and look forward from comments and feedback from my readers. So stay tuned.