Managed Migration to Microsoft 365

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Managed Migration Services is an offering to help you migrate from your legacy email platform to Microsoft 365.



Migrating Emails, Calendar and Contacts to Microsoft 365 can be very challenging especially when you are migrating from G Suite, GoDaddy, Zoho or any other email platform. Your users need assurance that 100% of their emails will be migrated, the leadership team wants to ensure that there is no productivity or data loss and your IT admin team wants to be prepared for any support or contingency.

I will migrate your email, calendar and contacts from your existing email system to Microsoft 365 using out of the box functionality. The scope of this service includes

  1. Assessment of your existing mailbox sizes and email configuration.
  2. Migration of Emails from your current email platform to Microsoft 365
  3. DNS records configuration required for Microsoft 365.
  4. Cut over of MX records (within 3 days of Migration Completion)


  1. License cost of Microsoft 365 or any Migration Tool
  2. Microsoft 365 Configuration or Tenant Provisioning

100% refund guarantee in case of technical challenges where migration cannot be initiated.


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