Build SharePoint 2016 Environment (Part 1)

Build SharePoint 2016 Environment (Part 1)


In this article, I am going to build from scratch a SharePoint 2016 on premise deployment. We will also configure Office 365 in this deployment and use several configurations like external DNS, Azure AD Connect, ADFS and Web Application Proxy to build this environment. The focus of this article series is to help an administrator build a SharePoint 2016 environment from ground up with Active Directory Domain Services, Active Directory Federation Services, Web Application Proxy, Azure AD Connect, Azure AD Proxy, SharePoint 2013 Application Server, SharePoint 2013 Web Front End and Office Web Apps Server. The following figure depicts our end goal. As we progress on the On Premise farm, we will design and build the Office 365 tenant as well.

Figure 1

Let’s look at hardware and software requirements for building each of these server.






SharePoint Application Server Windows Server 2012 R2 16 GB 64-bit 4 Core 80 GB
SharePoint Web Front End Windows Server 2012 R2 12 GB 64-bit 4 Core 80 GB
SQL Server 2014 Windows Server 2012 R2 12 GB 64-bit 4 Core 80 GB 100GB
Active Directory Domain Services Windows Server 2012 R2 8 GB 64-bit 4 Core 80 GB

Other necessary pre requisites

  1. Registered domain name (E.g. – In this tutorial, we shall not use non-routable domain name but a routable domain name to depict real life enterprise scenario. And at the same time, a domain name registered with internet authority will be required to validate on Office 365 tenant and use for several cloud workloads.
  2. Office 365 Tenant – You can use existing Office 365 tenant if you have global admin access to but I would recommend against using a production Office 365 tenant. You can register for a trial Office 365 tenant. If you are an enterprise in United States and would like me to support your Office 365 trial needs, you can register for an Office 365 tenant using this link. For other regions, if you need supported trial, reach out to me at and I would be happy to help you with your Office 365 trial configuration.

This concludes part 1 of the Build SharePoint 2016 series. In Part 2, we shall build our first Active Directory Server and all the required service accounts. Till then stay tuned on the blog.