Build SharePoint 2016 (Part 4)

Build SharePoint 2016 (Part 4)

In part 3, I showed you how to build a database server on SQL Server 2014 SP1. In this part, we will see how to install SharePoint 2016 on the first application server in the farm. This post would be restricted to installation of SharePoint 2016 pre requisites and server product. In the next post, we shall discuss in detail about product configuration, security and service applications.

  1. From SharePoint 2016 installation media, run spash.hta and click on Install software prerequisites.

Figure 1

  1. Click on Next.

Figure 2

  1. Accept the terms of license agreement and click next.

Figure 3

  1. Pre requisite installation will begin and as shown in Figure 5, you would be asked to restart the server by clicking on continue. The prerequisite installation will continue after the server reboot completes until all the prerequisites are installed.

Figure 4

Figure 5

  1. Open spash.hta again and click Install SharePoint Server. If you are installing trial version of SharePoint 2016, install the product key below. Or else, use the product key available with your product. Click continue.

Figure 6

  1. Accept the terms of the agreement and click continue.

Figure 7

  1. Choose file location and change as needed.

Figure 8

  1. The installation would begin and would take several minutes to complete.

Figure 9

  1. STOP. At this screen, uncheck “Run the SharePoint Products Configuration Wizard now.” And click close. I would configure Product and Configuration wizard in next post.

Figure 10

In this part, I showed installation of SharePoint 2016 Server. In the next part, we will see the service accounts and other configuration required to configure SharePoint 2016 Application server. Till then, keep watching this space.