Why is TopTal a futuristic platform for developers!

Why is TopTal a futuristic platform for developers!


When I think of disruption, I think about Uber or Airbnb. And what’s so interesting about their business model is they provide both scale and value which conventional cab companies or hotels couldn’t provide. Applying the same theory to recruiting of software developers and designers, I think it is now imperative to move away from conventional hiring model to the one which supports both scale and quality. But humans are way different than cabs and hotel rooms because there are various quotients associated. Starting from their intellect to communication skills to their ability to work with teams to thinking out of the box, it is very difficult to get a right fit based on an algorithm that recruiting portal use these days. And then there are sites like UpWork and freelancer.com that work on different models which generally zero down to getting a cheap resource in minimal time. But these fail when you try to scale or recruit high-quality talent that works in harmony across the globe.

Then I came across TopTal. A site which claims to recruit top 3% talent. A developer or a designer has to go through rigorous interview process followed by background checks and concluded by documentation to protect the interests of customer, developer, and TopTal. I was fascinated by this idea because having worked on both side of the fences i.e. hiring developers as well as getting hired, I understand how much pain it causes to mis-hire and then search for replacements. I did a basic Google search on what like-minded professionals think about it. And as expected, I found both positive and negative reviews either on the blogs or on Glassdoor. But apparently, most of the negative reviews were from developers who weren’t hired. I filtered my research to find geeks who have worked with them and mostly if not all, I found some great feedback from the community. And based on my research, I extrapolated my life as  a TopTal developer vs working as a generic freelancer using Upwork and freelance.com, and I found TopTal to be hands down winner as my next employer.

I haven’t started working with them, but I look forward joining  their team as full-stack developer working on challenging assignments from the comfort of my home, sitting at the beach or working from shared workspaces. What interests me more is I get to work with a global community that has excelled in the technologies and platforms they chose as their skill set and I am hoping to learn and contribute based on my expertise as well. The community is very active and conducts some fantastic events as well as publishes great write-ups on both tech and soft skills.

Based on how things go with TopTal, I would consider writing a follow-up blog post on sharing my life as TopTal (as long as it’s not covered under NDA :)) . Till then, keep watching this space and shoot me any questions you have using the contact me form.